Denver SEO Audit

Denver SEO Audit

If you’re looking for a Denver SEO Audit, there are many benefits to choosing a Denver based SEO consultant with a comprehensive process already in place.

Here’s how our Denver SEO Audit works:

Step 1: We have a free consultation call so that we understand your goals around the website audit. We’ll explain our process and answer any questions you have about it. Together we’ll decide what makes the most sense about moving forward. If we decide we’re not a good fit, we promise to always be honest and up front about this, and will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Step 2: If you choose to purchase our Denver SEO Audit package, you’ll be in good hands. We’ll schedule a kick off call to make sure we have all the access we need, discuss our deliverables, expectations, and any next steps if you’d like us to implement our findings.

Step 3: After about 10 business days, we’ll meet again to review our deliverables and findings.

These deliverables include:

Campaign Overview & Competitive Analysis

This is the starting point of your Denver local SEO campaign. Where are you now, and what the gap between your website, Google Business Profile listing, and your competitors.

Keyword Database

See your current rankings, your top 3 competitor rankings for keywords you don’t rank for, and an entirely new set of keywords that neither you or your competitor ranks for today (we call these “Untapped Keywords”).

Website Content Audit

See what pages on your website need to be improved, consolidated, or removed, and why we recommend this.

SEO Roadmap

See what we recommend implementing first, in order of overall impact to your website ranking higher on Google.

Most of our Denver SEO audit clients want us to also implement our plan, but you can make this decision before or after the website audit process.


A proper SEO audit involves more than simply running a one-click report that various softwares offer. Our process involves both quantitative and qualitative analysis, which makes it hard to replicate by other SEO practitioners.

If you want to grow your business through the power of Google, we’ll help you understand what it will take to achieve this in Denver, and all the surrounding areas that out of state SEO firms simply don’t have on their radar.

Get started with our free consultation.


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