Your Website Person Did WHAT?

Have you ever wondered how many other businesses have your website? In other words, when you hired whoever designed your website, did you ever think to ask if you’re getting something unique to your business and what you’re looking to accomplish?

We recently onboarded a new client who does residential remodeling, and as we went through our standard SEO audit and roadmap process, my SEO services specialist asked me if there was any relationship between our client and another business.

I noticed both websites looked very similar, and were built by the same local website development company thanks to the footer credit on both websites.

For the uninitiated, unless you purchase a fully custom website build, most website companies will start with a template to expedite development.

You’re actually on a templated website right now. Here’s the specific one if you want a look behind the curtain:

Templates are fantastic, and a great way for businesses to get an affordable website that looks great, and has already been tested many times over.

However, if you’re selling the same website design to a direct competitor of the original client – another residential remodeler in the same market – how could you possibly give them a near identical website and charge thousands of dollars?

To make matters worse, our new client’s phone number button had his number visible, but when you tapped to call on mobile, the call went to his competitor! That was going on for several months since the website was launched, resulting in an untold amount of lost project sales at $50K+ per kitchen remodel.

It was clear the website company didn’t even start with a fresh template. They literally cloned the first completed website, updated colors, logo, and generated 100% unoptimized AI content.

I won’t get into all the broken links and other issues we found, but it was some super-shoddy work, that we’re happy to identify and fix!

Unfortunately, this type of service is all too commonplace in the website and SEO agency world, and it takes somebody with experience to actually call it out and fix it.

If you ever want us to take a look at your website and see what could be holding it back, that is what we’re here for. Reach out for a free consultation anytime.


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