Denver Lead Generation

If only I could get more leads for my business… Sound familiar? 

We all tell ourselves this as business owners looking to grow and scale their business, and we’re not wrong.

However the way in which the leads are generated matters.

I’m not even talking about good leads vs bad leads just yet, which I think most business owners have some general awareness about.

No, I’m talking about the companies that want to sell you leads. 

It almost always sounds attractive. Just pay for what we send you, nothing more.

Very large companies have been built around that pricing model, like Thumbtack, Angi’s List, Home Advisor, and others. 

I talk to a LOT of business owners every week, and many have tried these services. Anecdotally, I would say very few have done well with them, while many are upset by the mere mention of their names.

Then there are the smaller marketing companies, often run by a single person who took a course they saw advertised on Facebook about selling leads to small businesses. 

They buy a GoHighLevel subscription and hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines for $6 an hour to manage the software and run Facebook Ads, and presto, they’re a marketing expert!

Next, they run their own Facebook Ads targeting you with their incredible lead generation engine for your business.

Recently I had a new client of mine tell me that one of these solopreneur lead generation companies wipe out over a hundred of his hard earned Google reviews when he canceled services. 

Another business I spoke to actually does well with his lead generation company, but the lead generation company owns the landing page they’re using to generate the leads, and he’s just renting it.

In other words, the lead gen company created a generic website, got it rank on Google for some good keywords, and runs Google Ads on it. They insert the client’s logo on the page, and direct the call tracking line into his business and charge him $7,000 per month. 

Here’s the problem though, that lead generation company absolutely has their client by the balls. Don’t want to pay $7K per month anymore, fine. Those leads you were getting now get sent to your competitor. Overnight.

If that lead generation company, or let’s face it, individual goes away or gets hit by a bus, what happens to your business? I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Successful businesses have many fishing lines in the water, and understand the importance of “owned” assets. These are assets that nobody can take away from you.

Your company’s website should be an owned asset, but there are many marketing companies that even want to claim ownership of that and leave you with nothing if you cancel services.

A professional website that you own and one that ranks well on Google for many keywords should always be your foundation. 

Photography and video assets are also owned assets that you should work on early.

Case studies and testimonials you collect from your happy customers, also owned assets.

What I see happening too often in this industry are customers looking to check the box for marketing by hiring a lead generation company, and then ignoring the importance of owned assets and the fact that effective marketing is a process, not a Facebook Ad from a self titled marketing pro.

If you can afford a lead generation service while continuing to build out your owned assets, that would be the best of both worlds.

Never sign up for a Denver lead generation service at the expense of building out your owned marketing assets.


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